Membership Comparison

Local Membership Local + International Membership with CSCPF
Stay updated with the latest trends and international best practices in spiritual and pastoral care and chaplaincy through our international affiliation
Be part of a growing community of practitioners not only in the Philippines, but also internationally through our communities and affiliates in other countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East, and the US
Receive spiritual nurturing and not just professional learnings through our Quarterly Spiritual Care Gathering for members
Join a Practitioner Community and be part of a peer group for safe accountability, consultation, monitoring, and continuous education
Gain access to our library of books on spiritual care, spiritual direction, pastoral care, chaplaincy, psychology, theology, and behavioral sciences
Transform your CPE training into internationally recognized CPE units and process your Board Certification as Clinical Chaplains, Spiritual Care Practitioners, Pastoral/Spiritual Care Counselor, Pastoral Psychotherapist, CPE Supervisor, and Clinical Specialist in Palliative/Hospice Care opening opportunities for those seeking international placements
Avail 50% discount on Vanderpol Center registration fees for seminars and workshops (excluding CPE tuition and large events like annual retreats/gathering and conferences)
Avail of discounted rates for individual Pastoral Counseling or Psychotherapy sessions (exclusive for members only)
Use of Vanderpol Center facilities for community meetings and patient/client consultations